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Robbery Lawyer Mississauga

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Mississauga Robbery Lawyer

To establish a charge of robbery, both the components of theft and assault must be present at the same time or within a short period of time. While physical violence or the use of a weapon are not required elements of a robbery prosecution, the presence of these elements may be taken into account at sentencing.

The easiest way to understand robbery is as an “assault plus a theft” crime. Many such scenarios can be considered robbery. For example, if you steal something and then threaten to damage property to keep someone from stopping you, you have likely committed a robbery.

One of the most challenging and isolating experiences a person may experience is being investigated for or charged with a criminal offence. Charges have been levelled against you, and they are aimed against your reputation. You alone are responsible for fulfilling your sentence if you are prosecuted and convicted. That being said, you are not required to go through a criminal prosecution alone, no matter how isolated you may feel before and after it. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get in touch with Karapancev Law right now. We can offer you a criminal defence overview and explain all of your legal options from one of our law offices, conveniently located in Toronto and Mississauga. Alternatively, we can arrange a virtual meeting to review your options.

Sentencing for Robbery

The actual penalty imposed is always up to the court to decide. However, robbery has some prescribed penalties and minimum terms. Moreover, if convicted, an individual can be sentenced to life in prison. 

If a weapon was utilized during the heist, this adds to the aggravating factors. If this is the case, the Criminal Code mandates a minimum punishment of four years in jail. For subsequent offences, more severe penalties are imposed.

Robbery is a serious offence that carries serious penalties. For instance, if an accused uses a prohibited or restricted firearm in the commission of an offence for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a criminal organization, the offence can result in penalties of up to life imprisonment, with a minimum sentence of 5 years – even for a first offence. 

Depending on the circumstances, thefts can be anywhere from petty to significantly substantial. However, any theft conviction is serious since it results in a criminal record and displays a proclivity for dishonesty, which can seriously impede a person’s work prospects and other aspects of life.

A Successful Defence

If you are facing one or more criminal allegations, you need a criminal defence lawyer to protect your rights and fight for your freedom. If you are facing charges, the Crown will attempt to adduce evidence at trial that proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your defence attorney’s job is to raise a reasonable doubt in your favour.

Alex Karapancev has built his career practicing criminal law. He understands how to evaluate the evidence in your case and determine the best course of action to take in court. He knows how to find flaws in the prosecutor’s case and how to call attention to them. He also understands how to emphasize the evidence that demonstrates your innocence. Whether you live in Mississauga , Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, or anywhere else in Ontario, Karapancev Law can assist you with your case.

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