Alexander Karapancev



I am a litigator with extensive experience representing clients in high-stakes cases. I represent individuals and corporations in complex criminal and regulatory matters, zealously advancing their interests in both pre-trial proceedings and at trial before judges and juries throughout Ontario.

Upon obtaining my law degree, I furthered my legal studies by completing my Master of Laws in Canadian Common Law at Osgoode Hall Law School. At Osgoode, my courses included Criminal, Constitutional, Evidence, and Tax Law. I rely upon my advanced legal education and my experience as a trial lawyer to develop creative legal arguments and foresee triable issues that others may miss.

Prior to founding my law firm, I practiced law at a boutique criminal litigation firm in Toronto. I also have experience serving as a per diem Crown Prosecutor with the Downtown Toronto Crown Attorney’s Office. I regularly conduct trials, preliminary inquiries, and applications before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. I regularly represent individuals charged with serious allegations of fraud, impaired driving, sexual assault, and drug offences.

My extensive litigation experience includes acting as defence counsel in large-scale police project prosecutions involving alleged criminal conspiracies, firearms trafficking, domestic drug trafficking and international narcotics exportation. I have secured full acquittals at trial for many clients prosecuted for alleged sexual assaults, and I have been successful in obtaining the withdrawal of charges in countless domestic assault cases.

I have experience in constitutional litigation, seeking the exclusion of evidence and stays of proceedings for violations of my clients’ rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I have utilized creative constitutional arguments to achieve successful results in seemingly unwinnable impaired driving cases.

Because I regularly take cases to trial, I prepare each one accordingly from the beginning. I have the experience, skillset, and vision to develop arguments that achieve favorable outcomes for my clients at trial, or persuade opposing parties to settle in the pre-trial phases of a proceeding.

Because of my extensive in-court experience, I am comfortable with and excel in courtroom advocacy and cross-examining opposing witnesses. Some of my most prized victories have materialized mid-trial when the prosecution has realized that they no longer have a chance at winning and have folded in defeat.

Clients regularly consult me when they are under investigation and facing crisis situations with impending litigation. I provide them with immediate advice and thoughtful representation, often discreetly resolving disputes and preventing otherwise uncomfortable legal exposure from materializing. If you are in a situation requiring a zealous, innovative, and resourceful advocate, please do not hesitate to contact my firm.

Alexander Karapancev


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