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Our reputation for winning is built on our powerful representation, skillful advocacy, and unwavering pursuit of success for our clients.


The lawyer you choose will impact the rest of your life.

Don’t let a criminal accusation derail your life. We have obtained successful results for hundreds of clients. Let us use our experience, knowledge and powerful representation to protect your rights and future.

It is distressing and intimidating to be arrested or charged with a criminal offence. If you have never been arrested before, you probably have a multitude of concerns. These could include concerns about your freedom, immigration status, career options, ability to travel, and reputation among friends and family. It is crucial to contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer in North York as soon as possible, who will be able to answer your questions and establish a strategy to successfully defend your case.

You are not guilty simply because you have been arrested. The prosecution must prove each element of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt. At Karapancev Law we have tried and litigated complex, high-stakes cases across Ontario, achieving the best possible results for our clients. We take on the difficult and tough cases in which liberty, livelihoods, and reputations are at stake. We are not afraid to take cases to trial in order to prove your innocence. In fact, our expertise is in trial litigation, and it is here where our experience and determination truly materialize. Indeed, we have discovered that our willingness to take cases to trial often facilitates their resolution.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Karapancev law

Are you looking for the best criminal lawyer in North York has to offer?

Results matter. A reputation built on winning.

It is critical for anyone charged with a crime, no matter how serious or seemingly minor, to hire a criminal lawyer in North York who not only has an impeccable track record, but who also sees you as a unique individual and not just another file. At Karapancev Law, this personal, dedicated, and effective advocacy is exactly what you will get every time.

With office in Toronto and Mississauga, Alex Karapancev provides legal representation throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He defends individuals and corporations facing criminal charges, regulatory offences, and professional discipline proceedings. Karapancev Law is one of the most respected criminal law firms in North York. 

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"His experience in court is unparalleled — it is why we highly recommend Alexander Karapancev of Karapancev Law to clients looking for criminal law attorneys in Toronto. He will provide you with efficient and effective representation to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire legal process."


Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals facing prosecution often find themselves searching for the best criminal lawyer they can find. You should expect your criminal defence lawyer to be well-versed in the law, including expertise defending the charges you are facing, who is also a seasoned litigator and negotiator.

We handle criminal defence in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Oshawa, Hamilton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Barrie, Scarborough, Guelph, Burlington, Oakville, Kitchener, Etobicoke and throughout Ontario at Karapancev Law, and have successfully defended a wide range of criminal accusations. Alex Karapancev is an experienced litigator, and his negotiation skills reflect that.

As part of your defence, you should also expect a risk assessment and an evaluation of your choices. This means that the lawyer will listen to your situation objectively and will assist you in understanding the various scenarios, weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the various legal options, properly assessing the risks involved, and communicating clearly with you about the best course of action. You should expect open and timely communication and prompt return of your calls.

You should expect your lawyer to keep your conversations with him private, and that he will make you feel at ease and not judge you when you disclose information.

These communication and case-management methods are ingrained in Karapancev Law’s processes and procedures, and we are happy to be able to consistently serve our clients with the highest degree of professional service.

Each case is unique, and determining the appropriate course of action given the circumstances necessitates careful consideration. The cost of defending your case is determined by a number of criteria, including the nature of the allegations, the complexity of the case, and the amount of time that will be required. We can often quote estimated fees after learning about your case after our initial consultation.

Criminal lawyers in North York bill on either an hourly or block fee basis. A lawyer billing hourly will charge for his services based on the actual time he spends on a case, while a lawyer charging on a block fee basis will charge one lump-sum fee to take your case to a particular stage.

The hourly model is the traditional practice in legal billing and is still the common practice with leading firms. Block fee billing is a modern billing model that is favoured by clients who want peace of mind knowing that a specific fee will move them through a particular stage in their case.

There are pros to both of these billing methods, and we can often offer either, depending on the nature of the matter and client preference.

Accepting a plea agreement may or may not be in your best interest depending on the circumstances of your case. Nonetheless, you should always consult a lawyer before making this decision. You should ensure that you are completely aware of your rights and the consequences of pleading guilty. Further, if you consult with an experienced criminal lawyer, you will learn if you have a strong chance of winning your case at trial. Contact Karapancev Law today to have an experienced lawyer analyze your case.

Many people are unaware of the fact that, after being arrested, you do not have to provide any kind of statement to the police. In fact, you have the right to remain silent and the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay. Your right to counsel should be exercised as soon as possible so that you can learn about your rights and protect your interests. Whatever you say to the police can later be used against you by the prosecution.

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Recent Cases

In a domestic assault trial in Toronto, the Crown adduced witness evidence about the complainant having alleged injuries following the incident.. The defence’s theory was that the complainant was the aggressor and that any injuries were the result of self-defence. The cross-examination of the complainant uncovered many inconsistencies, and the crown asked the charges be dismissed.

It was alleged that she encountered a former partner walking on the road and hit him with her car. It was alleged that she then hit him a second time with the car. It was the defence position that the client was innocent and numerous pre-trials were conducted. Ultimately the charge was withdrawn.

The client was charged with sexual assault and sexual interference and a breach of bail charge. The sexual offences were related to allegations made by a former friend of the client. It was the defence position that the complainant was lying and had a motive to do so. The matter was scheduled for a preliminary hearing. Over several days of testimony, the defence was able to secure testimony that the Complainant lied to the police and her mother. Further, the defence was able to elicit testimony from the complainant’s friend that she coached her to lie to the police on her behalf. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, the sexual assault and sexual interference charges were withdrawn.

He was discovered in a car with a large amount of drugs in the trunk. Following a thorough examination of the disclosure, a number of major concerns emerged. The prosecution dropped all charges after continuing negotiations.

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