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Mississauga Theft Lawyer

Those who are convicted of theft or property offences face a wide range of sentences and repercussions. Under the Criminal Code, theft is divided into two categories: theft over $5,000 and theft under $5,000. Shoplifting and other types of petty theft are the most common types of theft under $5,000. Business theft and employee theft frequently result in charges of theft over $5,000.

It is critical to have the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer, regardless of the severity of the offence. At Karapancev Law in Mississauga, we represent clients accused of theft and shoplifting all throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve earned a reputation for providing excellent service to our clients and dealing with the prosecution in even the most complex cases.

Theft in Canadian Law

Theft is a non-violent property crime in Canadian law that encompasses the taking or conversion of another person’s property without their consent. Shoplifting is a typical example. If you purposefully take another person’s property without their permission, you may be charged with theft. Whether you’ll be charged with theft under $5,000 or theft over $5,000 depends on the monetary value of the item involved in the crime.

Theft Under $5000

Pursuant to Section 334(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada, anyone who commits theft with a value of less than $5,000 is guilty of a summary conviction offence.

A typical example of this is when a shoplifter steals an item from a store and hides it in their bag or jacket, only to be caught when they don’t have the money to pay for it or are otherwise not possessing it lawfully. This can also happen when a shoplifter transports an item beyond the threshold of a store without making any attempts to pay for the item at the cashier’s station.

In some circumstances, persons who commit retail theft or shoplifting may face a number of sentence conditions, including probation with a requirement not to return to the location where the theft occurred, a fine, and completion of counselling. If the violation is minor, a diversion programme may be available. Thus, it is crucial to obtain legal advice even if you are facing a minor theft accusation since a lawyer can negotiate with the Crown and help you resolve the matter in the best way possible.

Theft Over $5000

Although it is less common for someone to steal goods worth more than $5,000, the most common examples are embezzlement, theft from an employer / breach of trust, and many car thefts fall into this category. Anyone who steals anything worth more than $5,000 will be charged with an indictable offence punishable by up to ten years in prison (section 334(a) of the Criminal Code).

The manner in which this allegation will be pursued is dependent on a number of circumstances, including the defendant’s record, the nature of the offence, and whether or not restitution has been attempted, to name a few. Because a theft accusation of $5,000 or more can result in a very significant sentence, it is critical to speak with a criminal lawyer who has experience with this type of charge in order to carefully examine variables that may minimize the potential punishment for this crime.

A Successful Defence

In Mississauga, theft accusations should be addressed immediately by hiring an experienced lawyer. The circumstances of your case, as well as the lawyer you pick, can have a significant impact on the outcome of your theft case. Having Karapancev Law on your side means not only being represented by a professional theft lawyer but also having the support of a law firm with a demonstrated record of winning cases in Mississauga , Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, and throughout Ontario.

Our Past results

R. v. N.K.: The client was charged with stealing several items from a popular department store in Toronto. She had been observed by store security leaving the premises while concealing several items of clothing. She had no criminal record and was mortified by the prospect of being labelled a criminal. After negotiations with the Crown, a resolution was agreed upon, which saw all charges withdrawn.

R. v. A.K.: The client was charged with several counts of shoplifting related to allegedly stealing from several stores in a shopping complex outside the City of Toronto. She was a student who was very concerned about the effect that such charges could have on her future. After ongoing negotiations with the Crown, an agreement was reached, which saw all charges withdrawn.

Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Every case is unique.

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