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Toronto Uttering Threats Lawyer

Being accused of a criminal offence can be a life-changing event. You have been charged with something serious, and it has the potential to ruin your reputation. If you are charged and convicted, you alone must carry out your sentence. You are not, however, obligated to go through a criminal prosecution on your own. Instead, contacting Karapancev Law will ensure that you have experienced legal counsel supporting you throughout this process. We can meet you in either of our two offices, conveniently located in downtown Toronto and Mississauga, to give you an outline of potential defences and explain all of your legal options. We have successfully defended clients in hundreds of criminal cases and know what it takes to put forth a successful defence.

The Offence of Uttering Threats

The act of knowingly communicating or otherwise causing someone to receive a threat to kill or harm them, a loved one, or an animal belonging to them, or to damage or destroy their property, is referred to as uttering threats. The Crown needs to show that you deliberately stated the threat and meant for it to be taken seriously in order to convict you of uttering threats – regardless of whether or not the victim was intimidated or even aware of the threat. The threat does not have to be made directly to the victim, and it does not even have to be known to them. Even if done through a third party, threatening someone indirectly is a criminal offence. It is not necessary for the threat to reach the targeted victim to be considered unlawful. Because uttering threats charges are frequently filed with domestic violence, criminal harassment, and other domestic-related offences, they are usually handled by a specialized team within Crown offices.

Defending Utter Threat Charges

The most common defences to threatening allegations are proving that the remarks were either never spoken or were not meant to be taken seriously by the complainant. Any evidence from third-party witnesses, as well as video or audio recordings, will undoubtedly be important. 

Sometimes, complainants take the spoken statements out of context, leading to charges of uttering threats. Similarly, the accused’s remarks are sometimes altered or exaggerated to make them appear far more serious than they were intended. You might even remember the conversation with the complainant in a completely different way than he or she purports to.  

As a result, uttering threats accusations usually rest on the court’s credibility determination. A court will decide which of two versions of events — yours or the complainant’s – is to be believed. The circumstances surrounding the claimed threats, as well as the context of your relationship with the complainant, will be considered. At the end of the day, the crown can only secure a conviction if the court considers that all of the components of the crime have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

A Strong Defence

Contact Karapancev Law if you have been charged with uttering threats. We are a skilled Toronto criminal defence firm who can help you. A conviction might have far-reaching consequences. Our firm knows how to put together a strong defence strategy in order to get the best potential outcome. Every case of uttering threats is unique and demands a thorough analysis of all the details. Allow our legal team to investigate the facts of your case and weigh your options. Our offices are located in Toronto and Mississauga, and we serve clients all around Ontario. Please contact us right away to find out how we can help you.

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