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Assault Causing Bodily Harm Lawyer Toronto

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Toronto Assault Causing Bodily Harm Lawyer

A severe form of assault is assault causing bodily harm. To be convicted, a Crown attorney must prove that you caused injury to the victim and that you were aware of, or reckless to, the fact that your acts could have caused the harm. Bodily harm is damage to another individual’s person that is beyond trivial. Cuts or significant scratches, for example, might qualify as bodily harm.

The maximum penalty for assault causing bodily harm as an indictable offence is ten years in jail. The maximum penalty for assault causing bodily harm as a summary conviction charge is two years in jail. Our Toronto-based law firm has substantial experience defending these allegations in courts all throughout Ontario.

Assault Causing Bodily Harm Prosecutions

Bodily harm is described in Section 2 of Canada’s Criminal Code. In brief, it is described as any harm or injury to a person that is more than merely transient or trivial in nature and interferes with that person’s health or comfort. Thus, any assault that produces more than a very slight degree of distress can lead to a conviction for Assault Causing Bodily Harm.

In Toronto, investigations into Assault Causing Bodily Harm allegations take several paths depending on how and when the police receive a complaint. When a concerned patron or waiter witnesses a fight breaking out in a bar or nightclub, for example, police may be summoned. The police will arrive and make an arrest.

In other circumstances, police may not be notified for hours, days, or weeks. In some cases, police will make contact with the suspect by showing up at their home or place of business. They may make contact with the suspect over the phone. The police will want to hear the suspect’s side of the story as investigators. As an experienced firm, we can assist our clients in understanding their Constitutional right to silence.

We can be of great assistance if we are contacted by a suspect prior to their arrest. We will contact the police department to find out who the officer in charge of the investigation is. We will then get in touch with the officer to find out more about the allegations. We act as a buffer between the police and our clients because of the laws governing solicitor/client privilege. We can speak on your behalf without producing any evidence that could be used against you. For instance, we can advocate for the police not to hold you in custody. If that is not possible, we can run a bail hearing to help facilitate a release as soon as possible with the least onerous conditions necessary.

A Powerful Defence

If you have been charged with an assault cause bodily harm, you should contact Karapancev Law. We are experienced Toronto criminal defence counsel who can assist you. A conviction might have far-reaching ramifications. Our firm understands how to construct an effective defence plan in order to achieve the best possible result. A self-defence argument may be a viable choice depending on the circumstances. Other defences, such as exposing a false allegation or mistaken identity, may be available. Every assault cause bodily harm case is different and necessitates a comprehensive examination of all the details. Allow our legal team to examine the facts of your case and explore your choices. We have offices in Toronto and Mississauga, and service clients all across Ontario. Please call us today to learn how we can assist you.

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