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Sexual Exploitation Lawyer Toronto

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Toronto Sexual Exploitation Lawyer

Sexual Exploitation laws exist to cover allegations of sexual abuse made by minors aged 16 and older against adults who hold positions of trust or authority over them. In Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, as well as throughout the province of Ontario, this statute is often used to charge teachers, coaches, uncles, and family members accused of inappropriate sexual conduct. 

While the age of consent is 16 in Canada, sexual exploitation laws make it illegal for adults in positions of authority or trust to have sexual relations with individuals aged 16-17. 

If you have been accused of a sexual offence, it’s critical that you treat your case seriously. Sex crimes are among the most actively prosecuted crimes in the Ontario and throughout Canada. Those accused of committing these crimes are frequently stigmatized and at risk of having their reputations destroyed, often before a court of law has even established their guilt. Unfortunately, there are times when sex crime accusations are made against innocent people. You may face prison time, significant fines, probation, and other penalties if you are convicted. People convicted of sex offences must also register as sex offenders. For these reasons alone, you should retain the services of a skilled Toronto sex crimes attorney to represent you throughout the criminal process. 

Sexual Exploitation Defined

Sexual exploitation occurs when an individual who meets specific criteria initiates direct or indirect sexual contact with a person between the ages of 16 to 18. These specific criteria can include someone who is in a position of authority/trust relative to the minor, or on whom the minor is dependent, or who is in an exploitive relationship with the minor. Exploitation is inferred from the degree of control or influence by the adult over the minor and the circumstances of the relationship, including the age of the minor, how far in age the two parties are, and the nature of the relationship. 

A charge of sexual exploitation can be defended in a variety of ways. Apart from proving that the alleged activity occurred, and that it occurred for a sexual purpose, the Crown prosecutor will have to show that the relationship fits into one of the requisite categories.

Securing Bail for Sexual Exploitation

Even in the most challenging instances, our law firm knows how to secure bail. We can promptly analyze the claims against you, and put together a persuasive plan to obtain your release, given our years of experience working in criminal law. Because sexual exploitation claims are inherently severe, it is critical to look into them and find any flaws in the Crown’s case. 

At Karapancev law, we will put together a good bail strategy and effectively advocate for your release in front of the Bail Court. If the Crown refuses to agree to your release, we will fight for your freedom at a contested bail hearing. We think that everyone, including those facing serious allegations, have the right to liberty when they are presumed innocent and facing outstanding criminal charges. 

Bail hearings are legal court proceedings; if you are unfamiliar with the court system, your bail hearing may not go according to plan, and you may not obtain the intended outcome. As a result, we do not advise anyone to represent themselves. Instead, the best way to get bail is to hire a reputable, respected, and devoted Toronto criminal defence lawyer.

A Powerful Defence

When you’re accused of sexual exploitation or other sexual offences, the chances of getting a positive result can seem slim. Therefore, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side to increase your odds of securing a preferred outcome.

Our defence strategy is founded on a thorough examination of the facts of your case. We look into your charges as well as the evidence acquired against you. We will hold the Crown accountable for their burden of proof and look into all possibilities for mounting a strong defence. 

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