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Invitation to Sexual Touching Lawyer Mississauga

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Mississauga Invitation to Sexual Touching Lawyer

It is illegal to invite or counsel a person under the age of 16 to touch, directly or indirectly, the body of a person (which can include another person or the minor themselves) for a sexual purpose, pursuant to section 152 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

An essential element to this crime is that the touching must be for a sexual purpose; it can be with a portion of the body or an object, and the body touched can be the defendant’s or any other person’s, including the complainant’s. The crime is established when the invitation, counselling, or inciting to touch takes place, not when the actual touching takes place – in fact, the actual touching of a body is not necessary for this to be considered a crime. 

Adults in positions of trust with children, such as teachers, coaches, youth leaders, or religious leaders, are frequently the defendants in cases such as these. Child sexual abuse defence cases are notoriously tough to resolve because of the issues at play. 

Bail in Sexual Exploitation Cases

Our firm knows how to secure bail in Mississauga, even in the most difficult situations. Given our years of experience in criminal law, we can quickly examine the allegations against you and formulate a plan to seek your release. Because sexual exploitation claims are very serious, it’s crucial to investigate them and search for any holes in the Crown’s case. 

We will create an effective bail strategy and effectively advocate for your release before the Bail Court. We will fight for your freedom in a contested bail hearing if the Crown refuses to agree to your release. We believe that everyone, particularly those facing serious allegations, have the right to liberty when they are presumed innocent and are facing criminal charges that have yet to be resolved. 

Bail hearings are legal court proceedings; if you are unfamiliar with the court system, your hearing may not go as planned, and you may not receive the desired result. Therefore, we do not recommend that anyone represent themselves in court. Instead, hiring a recognized, respected, and dedicated Mississauga criminal defence lawyer is the best approach to secure bail.

A Winning Defence

A person convicted of any sex crime loses more than just their freedom, as this conviction leaves a permanent mark on their social and professional life.  Sex crimes differ from most other crimes in that even an accusation, let alone a conviction, can swiftly ruin a person’s image, employment chances, and relationships with friends and family. In most circumstances, in addition to serving a lengthy jail sentence, the perpetrator is also required to register as a sex offender. 

Therefore, if you are charged with this crime, it is not advised to self-represent given what is at stake. Instead, you should hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer with extensive knowledge in this area. Karapancev Law has a proven track record of defending the most serious sex crimes in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, and throughout Ontario. 

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Mississauga Invitation to Sexual Touching Lawyer

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