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Toronto Assault Lawyer

Depending on their nature, assault accusations are regarded as serious offences. It is critical to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible after being charged to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. Karapancev Law can be reached through our website or over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any pending assault accusations.

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Common Assault

Common assault, sometimes known as “simple assault,” is the most common assault charge. It happens when no weapon is used and the injuries are minimal. Physical altercations, such as fistfights and physical marital conflicts, as well as attempted or threatened assaults, all constitute simple assault. In the absence of physical injuries, simple assault charges are routinely pursued. A non-injurious push, shove, slap, or even a punch can all be charged as simple assault.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault refers to the non-consensual use of force against members of the same household, as well as current or past intimate partners. Domestic violence, while not a separate crime, is considered an aggravating element in sentencing and can result in harsher punishments than ordinary assault. The Crown is rarely willing to withdraw domestic abuse charges against a victim.

Defences to Assault

The charge of assault can be defended in a variety of ways. The following are some popular defences:

Credibility of the Complainant: Accusations of assault are sometimes exaggerated or made up. The charges against you may fall apart upon rigorous analysis of the complainant’s credibility and other evidence, such as witness testimony, video footage, and/or phone and electronic data.

Self-Defence: The right to self-defense is granted to all people. A person is not guilty of assault if the purported assault was truly a legitimate act of self-defense.

Consent: Prosecutors must show that the defendant acted without the victim’s consent in order to secure a conviction for assault. Assault charges may be dismissed if the purported victim gave their consent, such as in the scenario of mutual combat or a consensual brawl, as long as no bodily harm was occasioned.

Of course, the prosecution always bears the burden of proof. Charges should be dismissed if prosecutors do not have enough evidence to support them.

A Successful Defence

If you have been charged with an assault allegation, you should contact Karapancev Law. Convictions can have far-reaching implications. Our firm understands how to craft an effective defence strategy that will result in the best possible outcome. Sometimes, a self-defence argument is a viable defence. There are, however, further defences available, such as demonstrating that the claim is a false allegation or mistaken identity. Each assault case is unique and necessitates a comprehensive examination of all pertinent circumstances. Allow our law office to thoroughly examine the facts of your case and advise you on your legal options. We are available to assist clients in Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, and all throughout Ontario.

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