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Break and Enter Lawyer Mississauga

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Mississauga Break and Enter Lawyer

Any person who breaks and enters into a property and commits, or has the intent of committing, an indictable offence, or any person who breaks out of a property after committing a crime, is guilty of breaking and entering (B&E).

Breaking and entering can occur in private residences, commercial establishments, and  a variety of other locations. In other words, breaking and entering is the illegal entry on private property for the purpose of committing an indictable offence.

Breaking and entering, despite its name, does not necessitate the accused breaking anything in order to gain access to private property. In some circumstances, just accessing private property (for example, through an unlocked front door, or broken window) is deemed breaking and entering. It is not even necessary for a person to enter a home or place of business fully. Even a single limb, such as an arm or a leg, can be considered breaking and entering in specific situations.

Additionally, person who breaks and enters does not have to cause any property damage. Even if no theft or property damage occurs, a person who is not supposed to be there and has criminal intent can be found guilty. Our Mississauga-based law firm is highly experienced in defending break and enter allegations all throughout Ontario.

Types of Break and Enter Charges

Break and enter offences can be divided into two categories: residences and locations other than dwellings. The phrase “dwelling” refers to an apartment, a residence, or even a shed. Convenience stores, warehouses, and any other business establishment are examples of non-dwelling properties. It is vital to note that the penalties for residential vs. non-residential break and enter incidents can differ. 

Securing Bail for Break and Enter

Our law office knows what it takes to secure bail in Mississauga, even in the most difficult situations. Because of our years of experience working in criminal law, we can quickly investigate the allegations and put together a persuasive plan to achieve your release. Break and Enter allegations are inherently serious, so it is vital to investigate them and discover any weaknesses in the Crown’s case that might exist. 

We will put together a solid bail strategy and effectively advocate in front of the Bail Court for your release. We will fight for your freedom in a contested bail hearing if the Crown refuses to agree to your release. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to liberty when facing a criminal prosecution, even those facing serious allegations. 

Bail hearings are legal court proceedings; if you are unfamiliar with the court system, your bail hearing may not go as planned, and you may not receive the desired result. As a result, we do not recommend that people represent themselves. Instead, hiring a renowned, respected, and dedicated Mississauga criminal defence lawyer is the best approach to successfully gain bail. 

A Strong Defence

If you are convicted of breaking and entering, you could face serious consequences, including significant jail time. If you have been accused of home invasion or a comparable offence, it is vital that you hire an experienced criminal defence law firm such as Karapancev law. Mr. Karapancev has significant experience defending people accused of these crimes in Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket and throughout Ontario.

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Mississauga Break and Enter Lawyer

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