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What is the Average Sentence for Sexual Assault in Canada?

Sexual assault is a serious crime in Canada, and understanding the potential sentences is crucial. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of the Canadian legal system regarding sexual assault charges.

Different Types of Sexual Assault Charges

The type of sexual assault charge plays a significant role in determining the sentence. For instance, an invitation to touch is considered a sexual crime but not an assault. However, more severe charges like “aggravated sexual assault” come with heftier penalties.

What Influences the Sentence?

Several factors can affect the severity of the sentence:

  • Aggravating Factors: These can increase the sentence. Examples include the use of a weapon, the age of the victim, and the degree of violence involved.
  • Mitigating Factors: These can reduce the sentence. Examples include the age of the offender and an early guilty plea.

Mandatory Sentences Explained

The law sets specific minimum sentences for sexual assault:

  • Victims Under 16: If prosecuted by indictment, the minimum sentence is one year, with a maximum of 14 years. If prosecuted by summary conviction, the minimum is six months, with a maximum of two years minus one day. It’s worth noting that a number of court decisions have struck down these mandatory minimums.
  • Victims Over 16: There’s no mandatory minimum. The maximum is ten years for indictment and 18 months for summary conviction.

The National Sex Offender Registry

Anyone convicted of sexual assault is added to this registry. It contains personal details, and those listed must inform the police of their travel plans. The duration on the registry varies, but it can be for ten years, 20 years, or even life.

Other Types of Sexual Assault

More severe forms of sexual assault, like those causing bodily harm or aggravated sexual assault, come with stricter penalties. For instance, aggravated sexual assault can lead to a life sentence.

Additional Court Orders

Besides the main sentence, the court might impose other conditions, like probation. These conditions can include restrictions like no internet access or mandatory counseling.

Q: Is there a mandatory minimum sentence for all sexual assault cases?

A: No, only specific circumstances, such as the age of the victim or the use of a weapon, have mandatory minimum sentences.

Q: How does the age of the victim influence the sentence?

A: If the victim is under 16, the penalties are generally more severe. The type of prosecution (indictment vs. summary conviction) also plays a role.

Q: What’s the difference between indictment and summary conviction?

A: Indictment is for more serious offences and carries heavier penalties. Summary conviction is for less severe cases and has lighter penalties.

Q: Can someone be removed from the National Sex Offender Registry?

A: Yes, individuals can petition for removal after a certain period, but the court may deny the request.

Q: Are there other consequences besides jail time for sexual assault convictions?

A: Yes, convictions can come with additional orders like probation, restrictions on internet access, mandatory counseling, and more.

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