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Alexander Karapancev of Karapancev Law was interviewed by Toronto’s CityNews regarding the Peter Nygard trial

Alexander Karapancev of Karapancev Law was interviewed by Toronto’s CityNews regarding the Peter Nygard trial. The Peter Nygard trial is a high-profile sexual assault trial involving prominent fashion designer Peter Nygard and four complainants who allege that they were raped by him in the past. Mr. Karapancev provided expert commentary on why the defence is likely putting him up to testify at the trial, and what types of questions the jury likely have.

Video Transcript

He built up a fashion empire over the course of decades. And today, Peter Nygard took the stand in his own defence, facing some serious sexual assault allegations. He tried to paint the picture of being a hard worker, passionate about the industry, who didn’t get into trouble during his heyday.

After weeks of hearing testimony from five different women, 82 year old Peter Nygard sat at the front of the courtroom with dark tinted glasses, gray hair slicked back, facing questions from his attorney, Brian Greenspan. Stories of moving to Canada from Finland as a child, settling with his family in Manitoba before growing up and building up his international fashion brand.

The defense is attempting to humanize their client. The Crown spent the last few weeks trying to paint Mr. Nygard as some type of rich, wealthy, opulent, sexist misogynist. And I think what the defense wants to do and needs to do in putting him up to testify is show the jury that there’s more to this man.

– Criminal Defence Lawyer, Alexander Karapancev of Karapancev Law

Nygard spoke about staying at his offices throughout Canada and the world, putting on fashion shows and becoming a celebrity in the business, but not being tempted by other aspects of the industry. Quote, I was not into drugs. I was not into smoking. I was not into alcohol. I did not ruin myself like a lot of other people did. I never did that.

He’s going to be judged by twelve members of our community. Jurors who’ve heard a number of complainants all accuse him of very serious crimes. It’s almost as if a lot of them are probably begging the question, know what’s his response to this? What does he say happened?

Nygard went on to speak about properties he owned, including a large beachside estate in the Bahamas. When Greenspan asked if there was space created for, quote, secret sexual conduct, nygard replied, that’s insane. A number of the women accusing Nygard have said they were at his Toronto office on Niagara Street when the alleged sexual assaults took place. Testimony has included that they felt trapped. When asked about it, nygard said there were passcodes to come and go from a bedroom suite to his private office for security.

At this point, Nygard has yet to speak about any of the specific allegations. He is set to take the stand again on Thursday. Mark McAllister, City News.

– Mark McAllister reports from CityNews Toronto

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Alexander Karapancev

Alexander Karapancev is a Toronto criminal lawyer practicing throughout the province of Ontario. He regularly serves as lead trial counsel on serious and complex criminal cases. He is the founder of Karapancev Law, a law firm representing clients facing criminal charges, regulatory offences, and professional discipline proceedings.

Mr. Karapancev has acted as counsel in hundreds of cases throughout the province of Ontario, regularly representing clients at trials, applications, bail hearings and preliminary inquiries. He is regularly retained to defend individuals charged with serious allegations of fraud, drug trafficking, DUI offences, domestic assault, and sexual assault. Prior to founding his law firm, Mr. Karapancev practiced criminal defence at a boutique Toronto law firm and also served as a per diem Crown prosecutor.

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